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Sonali Exchange Co. Inc. is an international money transmitter licensed from states of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland and Georgia. Our Corporate Office is in New York and we have 10 branches in 5 states (office/branch address link). We started operation back in December 1994. By the time, SECI has become the house hold name among the Bangladeshi community in USA due to its enviable trustworthiness and quality services. SECI is the subsidiary of Sonali Bank, Ltd. the largest commercial bank in Bangladesh. This giant Bangladeshi bank has a huge network of around 1200 branches, 26000 employees, overseas offices in USA, UK, India and Middle East and a vast number of foreign correspondents around the world. To know more about Sonali Bank, Ltd. log on to their website (link to Sonali Bank’s website). So, it’s not a wonder that SECI provides most effective, smoothest and speediest services to its clients with direct access to Sonali’s 1200 branch network.

SECI is the only institution providing services to Bangladeshi clients that is capable of delivering remittances to any beneficiary having account with any branch of any bank in Bangladesh through its own network. No matter, where your payee maintains account; you come to SECI; your money is in your payee’s account.

Introduction of cash pickup by Sonali Exchange has played a vital role in its remittance business. Only the customers who pay cash at the counter can take this service. The beneficiary in Bangladesh does not need to have account in Sonali Bank Ltd. branches. They can withdraw money from any branch of Sonali Bank Ltd. by showing valid picture ID.
After the transaction, customer gets a PCN number which needs to be informed to the beneficiary in Bangladesh. Then, the beneficiary goes to any nearest branch of Sonali Bank Ltd. on the next morning with that PCN number and an ID (example Voter ID). The fund is available immediately in the working hour even in the remotest area in Bangladesh.
Sonali Exchange does not charge any extra service charge for this special and speedy service.

Our ONLINE SERVICE is the unique example of technological superiority. Anybody can send money from home or office just logging on to our web site at one’s convenient time. This is the most secured site comparable to similar services rendered by the major commercial banks in the world. You can feel safe and comfortable while using this service. This is simple and easy. To learn how to use our online service, please click here (link to how to use).For convenience of our valued customers, some of our branches are kept open for additional extra hours beyond our normal office hour (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm).

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